One identity for all your crypto

Now in the world of crypto the bags (wallets) already have a name associated with them known as public address. You can send the items in your bags to that of your friend if you know their public address

But this name is very long and complicated.

Something like this 👉 6BrCYRgvhh00BZSVwGtreXEtDNyhZJm5m1bQgLYkPK

Wormhole has a new tool that lets you give a special customizable name tags for your bags.

With help from something called Bonfida's Solana Naming Service, you can turn a complicated name into an easy-to-remember name ending in ".sol."

Then, Wormhole makes it possible for you to use this simple name on other train tracks too, not just the Solana track.

Why is this cool?

Imagine if you had one name for all your different bags. You wouldn't have to look for each one; you could just use your special name.

This name works like an ID card for you, and you can use it on many train tracks.

It's like having one key that can open many doors, letting you go to different places. You can even think of it as a magic passport that works everywhere in a digital world called the metaverse.

And now, we're going to learn how to turn your Solana bag into a simple name that you can use on the BNB train track!


  1. Go to or
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. In your profile click on "View" of the domain you would like to bridge
  4. Select wormhole icon
  5. Enter your BNB address and click "Bridge"
  6. After bridging, go to record section and confirm it