Send NFTs across chains

Wormhole is like a magical mail service that doesn't just send special tickets (like SOL or ETH) from one train track to another, but can send special collector's items called NFTs as well.

Imagine NFTs as unique postcards that you can send through a special gate called the portal bridge. This gate can send these postcards to different tracks.

Right now, this special gate can send certain types of postcards, like ERC-721 and SPL assets.

If you send a postcard to the Ethereum track, you can see it in places like Metamask. If you send one to the Solana track, you can see it in places like Phantom, Backpack, and others. It's like having different mailboxes for your special postcards!


Go to :

Step A - Source
1. Select the source chain
2. Connect wallet
3. Select the NFT you want to send
4. Click "Next"

Step B - Target
1. Select the destination chain
2. Connect your wallet
3. Click "Next"

Step C - Send NFT
1. Click "Transfer"
2. Accept wallet approval pop-up(s)
3. Wait for the confirmation(s)

Step D - Redeem NFT
1. Click "Redeem"
2. Accept wallet approval pop-up(s)

Sending special collector's items called NFTs between different train tracks is a fun thing to do, but sometimes people might accidentally buy fake ones. It's like buying a copy of a rare toy instead of the real one.

NFT Origin Verifier

Wormhole has a special tool to help with this. It's like a detective's magnifying glass that lets you look at where the NFT came from.

This tool shows you who made the NFT and where it was first created.

By looking at these details, you can check if the NFT is real or not. You can compare it with other real NFTs made by the same person in a place where they sell them, like a special toy shop (NFT Marketplaces like OpenSea), to make sure it's the real thing!


1. Go to NFT origin tool:
2. Select the chain the NFT is currently on & connect your wallet
3. Paste the Address & tokenId
4. Click view Solscan
5. Compare the creator addresses with another NFT on a verified NFT collection in a marketplace