Transfer SOL to other chains

Now that you know what Wormhole is, let's look at what you can do with it.

First, we'll learn about something called the Portal Token Bridge. Think of it as a special gate that lets you send things like SOL from one train track to another, like from the Solana track to the Ethereum track.

So, get ready! We're going to send some SOL to Ethereum!

Go to Token Bridge -

Before starting ensure that you have wallets of both the source and destination chains. If you are sending any Solana token to Ethereum then have Phantom/Backpack (for Solana) as well as Metamask (for Ethereum).


Step A - Source

  1. Select origin chain - Solana
  2. Connect your wallet (Phantom, Backpack, etc)
  3. Click on "Select a token"
  4. Now select the list of tokens from the popup (Say you want to send USDC)
  5. Add the amount you wish to send

Step B - Target

  1. Select the chain you want to send to - Ethereum
  2. Select gas payment mode

Step C - Send Token

  1. Click on ‘Transfer’
  2. "Confirm/Approve" in the wallet popup to initiate transfer

Step D - Redeem

  1. Click "Redeem"
  2. Select "Confirm/Approve" on wallet pop up

Also checkout -, a new bridge powered by Mayan Finance, which offers a superior bridging experience while leveraging Wormhole's liquidity and security.