xDapps - Apps That Work Across Different Tracks

What are xDapps or Cross-Chain Decentralized Applications?

Right now, trains (or apps) on each track (blockchain) are stuck with what they have. They can't easily share things or get new things from other tracks.

But thanks to Wormhole, xDapps are like special trains that can go on any track, and they make everything more fun and useful!

What xDapps Do:

  1. More Friends: xDapps let more people use them, not just people on one track. This means more people can play games, trade, and do other things together.
  2. Share things easily: Right now, sharing things between tracks is hard. xDapps fix this by using special things called xAssets that can move easily from one track to another.
  3. Safe and Fair: Unlike some ways of moving things between tracks, xDapps are built to be fair and safe. They don't need someone to watch over them.
  4. Work better: xDapps can use the best parts of each track to do things faster, cheaper, and better.
  5. Reach more places: xDapps can be used in many places, not just one. This means more people can find them and use them.
  6. Build cool stuff together: Build Cool Stuff Together: xDapps can work together and use parts from other xDapps. It's like building a super train using the best parts of other trains!
  7. Ready for new things: xDapps can keep getting better and add new parts as new things are invented.

How it works?

Wormhole sends a message from one track to another

Special guards check the message to make sure it's okay

Once it's checked, the message goes to the other track